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about GW Technologies



About GW Technologies
We import and distribute to plastic processors and specialty manufacturers in Canada.

Main product lines include Plastic Engineering Resins, Plastic Thermosets and Rubbers.Our suppliers are well known international companies with production facilities in Asia, Europe and the US.

Gerry Wehr has over 30 years experience in distribution of raw materials and is the prime contact for sales and marketing.

Lesley Wehr oversees administration, logistics, and customer service.

Our product range is expanding rapidly.Please return often to view our latest up-dates. This is the KEY PAGE for our customers to locate and source needed resins.


Overviews and summaries on major product lines can be found on this site. The remaining lines as well as recently acquired lines will be included soon.Individual technical data sheets, processing conditions, and additional specific information on our products are available by contacting us directly.


Although resin prices have been volatile in recent years, we and our suppliers try to hold the line as long as possible, thus giving our customers an edge over their competition. Contact Gerry for quotes.



Local warehousing facilities in: Vancouver (BC), Calgary (AB), Winnipeg (MB), Mississauga (ON).














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