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ovation polymers












syndiotactic ps
elastron (sebs; sbs; tpv; tpo)

long glass fiber (lgf)


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your source of engineering resins and specialty polymers.


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introducing: xarec - sps - syndiotactic polystyrene


a higher level of performance

  • extreme temperature environments

  • superior hydrolytic resistance

  • superior chemical resistance

  • excellent dimensional stability

  • low dielectric constant

  • low dissipation factor

  • superior tracking resistance

  • high dielectric breakdown voltage

  • low melt viscosities

  • rapid solidification during cooling

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pa elastomers for highly flexible applications

under>extrusion applications.  grilflex products are based on polyamide elastomers, contain no plasticizers, and thus maintain their high levels of flexibility over their entire life expectancy, even at high temperatures.

for many years now, polyamide has proven to be a durable material for technical pipe applications.  the high thermal-mechanical property profile is decisive for use of polyamides in robot and automation technology.

highly flexible grilflex>to 100 °c (50% of the remaining tensile strength values after 20,000 hours were taken as limiting value).

in addition, grilflex>chemicals and weathering.  this polyamide also has excellent mechanical properties and is easy to process.

particularly good fatigue behaviour and high impact strength at temperatures

to -40°c round off the property profile of grilflex.

thermoplastic polyurethane is often used as an alternative to polyamide.  however, this material is limited in its resistance to chemicals and often already becomes brittle at application temperatures above 60°c.

grilflex can be> speeds which are 2 - 3>density of 1.0 also adds to the cost-effectiveness of this product.




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